by Jason Ferg

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released May 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Jason Ferg Los Angeles, California

LA based | Chicago bred | Kingdom citizen

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Track Name: Rich
I make declarations that you’ll remember for ages
To feed nations like Joseph in Genesis pages
Move major manifesting the truth of the savior
I’m the light of the world, the salt of the earth my flavor
Is intact like a ten pack of Now N Later
Lyrical razor blader sharper than the Great Debaters
Who is my opponent? He does not exist
He’s a descenting voice to the truth that I spit
My pulpit’s invisible. I don’t need your permission to minister
I’m the thermostat. I set the temperature (yeah boy)
While y’all following the latest trends
you’re deviating from the ways of the greatest men
Allow me to reintroduce that King swagger
That clean dapper. Telling the people their dreams matter.
I’ve won battles many of y’all couldn’t even fathom
Was outlawed til the Messiah gave me asylum
In the kingdom I’m a government official. My team is celestial
My boardroom is my prayer room. I press through
Every barrier standing in the way of my inheritance
Relishing in God’s promises, giving reverence
This is not a game, Joe it’s real life evidence
I stay woke and stay righteous in my messaging
Album finna drop bringing healing to the habitat
Picture that. Lyrics speak volumes like an almanac
Pure facts only. Consider this a testimony
My soul is rich with or without the money on me
Homies from my childhood, they all vouch for me
Bet they’ll tell you I was never phony
Cuz showing love is my mantra. Really it’s my lifestyle
I’m a disciple of Christ Jesus. I write down
Fresh revelation I receive at night time
Then I write rhymes you can live by, life lines
Hard charging. Playing ball jump shot was the hottest
Appeared small then I’d show up as Ben Wallace
Symbolic for hopping hurdles like it’s no problem
Was taught to finish ‘em but never start ‘em
The fight is every day. My life’s steady state is never fake
I’ve seen brothers in their boxers win heavy weight
Forced to make life decisions and never hesitate
Same magnitude of pressure that made the levies break
If know me, then you know the Holy spirit on me
MCs is softer than a pot full of rigatoni. Misleading little homies
I’m here to tell shorties never follow a man who worships money
I give ‘em pure facts only. I spit it like a testimony
My soul is rich with or without the money on me
Trusting God only. No matter how hard this life gets
My soul is rich. Woke+Righteous

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